World-beating Energy Savings

COOLNOMIX® is an easy to fit, AI based intelligent energy optimisation thermostat for commercial direct expansion (DX) based air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

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30% Monthly Bill Saving

Instant electricity cost saving reflected on your monthly electricity bill.

1.5 years Investment Return

On average 1.5 years in return of your solution investment.

Stable Temperature

Advanced thermostat to control your temperature. Stay comfort without any temperature adjustment.

2 Hours Easy Installation

In less than 2 hours, you can enjoy the cost right after installation.


In addition to the traditional feedback control from a thermistor measuring the return air temperature, COOLNOMIX® ORS® technology also monitors the temperature of cool air as it exits the evaporator coil.

This enables the COOLNOMIX® ORS® based thermostat to apply a complex algorithmic model which signals to the air conditioner control system that cooling is no longer required before the air conditioner itself would reach that decision.

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